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With free hosting, your own unique domain name, a support team that’s ready to assist you at any time, WordPress allows you to make your own website quickly and easily. It has been proven to be one of the best free and open-source content management systems, and it is one of the most user-friendly out there.
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SEMRush is one of the best online visibility platforms at $500 USD a month. With SEO functionality, content marketing, competitor research, PPC, and social media marketing, this software allows you to maintain a constant presence online, giving you the edge above competitors in the digital age.


Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO toolset at $500 USD a month. With it you can optimize your website, analyze your competitors’ performacen, study what your customers are searching for, learn from your industry top-performing content, and track your ranking progress. Site audits can give you a full overview of your SEO performance and they can allow you to see what needs to be improved.

Screaming Frog

The creators of the famous website crawler and log file analyser tools, Screaming Frog is another highly specialized online visibility software at $250 USD a year. Whether you want a detailed analysis of your site’s technical performance from an SEO point of view or a fully integrated approach to search engine marketing, Screaming Frog can cover all your basic online marketing needs.

Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro is an advanced website builder plug-in which can cost anywhere from $2100 USD to $200 USD a year. It has a 30-day money-back guarantee on all plans you purchase. This software allows you to customize, design, and manage your company’s website all from one place with its Theme Builder, and its specifically designed widgets allow you to create even more advanced content for your website.


If you create websites on WordPress, Divi allows you to visually edit your site to make it look even more professional and eye-catching. At $250 USD, you can shape the layout of your site to create truly vibrant designs which will allow your product to stick out in your clients’ minds. It’s easy to use and its customization options are truly stunning to behold.

Atarim (formerly known as WP Feedback)

At $500 USD a year, Atarim allows you to systemize your web agency and skyrocket your profitability. It allows you to streamline management of your site so that you can make your online performance even more efficient, putting you ahead of your competitors’ online performance.

Rank Math

At $500 USD a year, Rank Math allows you to add WordPress SEO tools to your website. You can optimize your content by customizing your SEO settings, and control how you want your website to appear in online searches. Putting yourself at the top of every Google search is the key to a thriving online business.

WP Rocket

At $250 USD a year, WP Rocket is another WordPress plugin that allows you to optimize your company’s online performance. The most powerful caching plugin in the world, it can boost the speed of your WordPress site, SEO rankings and conversions with no knowledge of coding required on your part.

Site Ground

At $120 USD a month, Site Ground is a web hosting platform which allows you to register your domain and manage it as easily as possible. It also allows you to have the option of a WordPress plugin or a website transfer done quickly by experts.


At $30 USD a site, Kinsta is a cheap and reliable option for the hosting of any WordPress site. Kinsta prioritizes speed, security, and efficacy to provide an effective home for your site and consequently the prosperity of your online business.


At $20 USD a month, Stackpath is an edge computing platform which allows you to accelerate the performance of your website. You can also protect yourself against bots – maintaining strong security is absolutely essential to one’s online business.

Adobe Creative Suite

At $100 USD a month, the Adobe Creative Suite allows you to use your imagination to design the most dynamic online presence imaginable for your company. Using photography, video, design, web, UX, and a whole lot more, you can use beautiful images and art to attract new clients to your business.


At $100 USD a month, CallRail is a platform which allows you to see how your business is doing online. With just a few clicks you can see your call and conversion data and gain a thorough insight into your company’s online performance.


At $200 USD a month, Keap’s CRM platform is built to boost your sales and marketing performance online. You can create custom forms and embed them on your website to achieve this end, and also capture more leads with converted landing pages.

Answer the Public

At $100 USD a month, Answer the Public allows you to get simple search insights right from your customers. Having access to this data allows you to cater to your customers more directly, thus figuring out how to attract more of them to your company online.


At $5000K, Imagify is the primary image optimization tool for your company’s online presence. With lighter images you can speed up your website and even boost your SEO so that your site appears first in a Google search. Your images will be automatically optimized so you don’t have to worry about fine-tuning them.

Woo Commerce

Free to use, Woo Commerce is a customizable, open-source platform built on WordPress. You can add this plugin to any WordPress site and your clients will be ready to purchase materials from you directly online. You can add different features to this functionality so that customers can purchase subscriptions. There is also a mobile app so that you can add these features to your site from absolutely anywhere. Setting up an online marketplace is the final step to preparing for business, and a user-friendly one is undoubtedly a recipe for success.