BoothRight- Digital Marketing Case Study

At Get X Media, we proudly talk about and support our clients in every way possible. The following is a case study of our digital marketing services at work. We share these as badges of honour and as thank you to our clients for continuing to support our business and put trust in our digital marketing services.

What our Happy Customers Say
“We have the best looking website in our industry hands down and it’s thanks to Corey’s expertise.

I was impressed by how much research and planning was put into our website design based off the small amount of information we provided.”
Matt Neuberger
Booth Right Ltd.

BoothRight Case Study

Boothright is one of the leading paint booth installation and service company's in their industry. They provide booth repair as well as ongoing maintenance services, having installed 150 paint booths over the last 12 years catering to all sorts of clients including automotive dealerships, vehicle maintenance shops, autobody shops, airport maintenance hangars, heavy-duty mechanic shops – any place of business which requires a paint booth.
Boothright’s service is highly personalized depending on the exact needs of their customers. To fulfill those needs they outfit buildings with the proper specifications needed to install a paint booth and then oversee every aspect of the installation from the beginning to the end of the process. They also take care of make-up air units and other finishing enclosures. Their experts even take care of integration and staff training, so their clients don’t have to worry about a thing.
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With such a high level of professionalism and proven workmanship, Boothright sought to further develop its brand and virtual presence through a digital marketing strategy and website design service

In working with Boothright we came up with a comprehensive online advertising strategy that allowed them to increase their visibility online and make it easier to target their preferred clients for new business. Considering their business is run so professionally and with such integrity, we were more than happy to take on the task. We drafted ad copy which we were sure would compel potential customers to click and see what services Boothright had to offer them. With this, we were able to drive traffic to their site and make them stand out online in a sea of rather boring and predictable advertising campaigns. We used research to determine where Boothright’s competitors were advertising their products and with this information, we were able to determine what would bring Boothright the greatest financial return.

Some of the services that Get X Media provided for Boothright include logo and graphic design services, video editing services, photo editing services, local SEO services, website design services, and online advertising services (which took the form of a PPC Google campaign). We also designed their website as we do for all our clients – using the newest and most innovative technologies. Boothright was provided with a third-party SEO audit and a Speed Audit as a part of the service – again, this is something that is universally required of all our clients when they do business with us.

The website that we designed for Boothright includes an FAQ page that succinctly outlines the entire process that their clients would need to undergo in order to receive a paint booth. This includes obtaining necessary permits, setting up building envelopes, fire suppression, handling of materials, equipment rentals, excavation, flooring, engineering, roof reinforcement, air circulation, booth assembly, duct assembly, gas lines, air source, power hookup, control panel, system start-up, clean up, out-of-town expenses, trade management, and safety. This thoroughness on the part of Boothright allows them to have a much more transparent relationship with clients.

Now equipped with new an efficient tools through Boothright’s newly developed website and digital campaign we’re looking forward to seeing exponential growth in this company’s return on investment and audience engagement.

Get X Digital Marketing Essentials

Almondine Foods Digital Marketing Research
Digital Marketing Research and Strategy Development

Often overlooked and under-utilized, proper market research sets the foundations for success throughout any digital marketing campaign. This information is kept confidential.

Boothright Graphic logo
Graphic Design and Branding Services

Using the industrys best design software and top local talent we were able to rebrand the company with digital assets we could use across all marketing and advertising mediums.

Boothright Webdesign
Web Design
Hassle-Free High Performance Web Design

A customer-focused, modern website redesign geared to drive leads into the business based on well-researched search terms.

Get X Digital Marketing Growth Services

| Get X Media
Optimized SEO Site Structure

Every website design service done by Get X Media comes with a guaranteed SEO site structure and free from SEO errors. 

| Get X Media
Google PPC Advertising

Custom build advertising strategy and campaign build using Google PPC Ads and re-marketing promoting 2 locations across Canada. 

Get X Media Production Services Provided

Boothright Photography Workshop
Photo Editing for Website Design

All photos edited and formatted during the website design process for aesthetics and SEO. 

Boothright Photography Video Thumbnail
Video Production
Video Editing for Website Design

3rd party video supplied in which we branded and redeveloped for Boothright during the website development.