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At Get X Media, we proudly talk about and support our clients in every way possible. The following is a case study of our digital marketing services at work. We share these as badges of honour and as thank you to our clients for continuing to support our business and put trust in our digital marketing services.

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Summer Dotinga
Mint Exteriors Vancouver

Mint Exteriors Case Study

With over 20 years of experience in the building envelope field, Brad and Summer Dotinga faced a dilemma, their advertising dollars were not working for them. Their company Mint Exteriors, is a boutique exterior siding company, specializing in high end rain screens along with professional siding & roofing applications. The company has a track record of excellence, delivering to their clients architectural details that are sleek, well designed and installed by highly skilled industry and drafting experts.

Yet despite investing in a marketing strategy, the Dotinga’s were simply not seeing the advertising results they wanted. After our initial meeting with the team, we realized that Mint Exteriors was a unique business that faced a common marketing problem: a website that wasn’t optimized for conversions.

After being unsatisfied with another company, not only did we deliver a sleek and reinvented website design service, but we provided a third-party SEO audit and a Speed Audit as a part of the service – for no extra cost because we know that our work isn’t done even if the website is. Through a strategically built well-researched online advertising campaign driving traffic to their new website, we were able to deliver on the leads that Mint was looking for.

Businesses need a website that promotes them. Spending money on advertising is only half of the sales equation because the bulk of advertising will lead back to a company’s website. A properly designed and developed website is not only aesthetically pleasing, but its layout directly ties into future sales and conversions. After completing our customary audit of the client’s current digital assets, we knew that a technically innovative and highly functional website was the missing link for Mint Exteriors.

We immediately set to work on visualizing a strong and consistent branding framework. From there we built an ad strategy for Mint Exteriors, using the website as a launching off point for their long-term advertising future. The Get-X Media team invested time into researching industry competitors of Mint Exteriors to ensure our client would stand out in the oversaturated exterior design market. A key element of the website redesign was switching the viewer’s perspective from the business owner’s to the viewpoint of a potential customer. 

Today’s customer wants information fast and most website viewers spend three seconds on a page before deciding whether or not they want to stay. For Mint Exteriors, they already had a website but it was not meeting their business goals. Driving traffic to a webpage that is not well-designed can deter customers from contacting the business. The website we created is user-friendly, built for ranking in search engines, and effectively communicates the Mint Exterior brand message to their audience.

Mint Exteriors is a close knit team of individuals, dedicated to their craft. Their About page was key in our redesign plan. Trust is imperative for building lasting customer relations. We knew that Mint Exteriors was a company dedicated to exceptional customer service, honesty, integrity, precise craftsmanship and creativity – values that many current and future clients would share. We chose to highlight this mission statement both on the landing page and in their About section to show that Mint Exteriors were the best in the industry. 

From clearly outlining what each of those values meant to them, to providing comprehensive bios on each of their core team members – we focused on creating a website that showcased Mint Exteriors as a professional and approachable company. We also concisely outlined the five services provided by Mint Exteriors – metal roofing, exterior siding, rain screen systems, strata servicing, and value engineering – to entice future customers but not overwhelm website users.

An element that is unique to Mint Exteriors is the luxury feel of their products, coupled with the attentiveness and care to detail that their team has for each of their clients. It was important that their website stated the Mint Service Guarantee. Just like us, Mint Exteriors pride themselves on clear communication, delivering on realistic timelines, and completing work properly. 

We dedicated an entire webpage to their exterior siding services, highlighting their mandate of weekly field reports, accountability, up-to-date records of WorkSafe BC certifications, 5-10 year warranties and insurance coverage. This webpage also succinctly explained the siding replacement, installation and repair services available through easy-to-understand copy and eye-catching visuals. Upon the launch of the website, Mint Exteriors began ranking in the top 3 positions on Google for “Exterior Siding Vancouver” in only 2 months because of our guaranteed SEO site structure within our website design services and because of this are looking to expand into our local SEO services

After our extensive research into competitors, we deduced that testimonials from prominent clients including TD Canada Trust, McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Vancouver Airport and BC Building Science needed to be front and center on the landing page, proof of the reputability of Mint Exteriors. Highlighting these customer reviews with a click away to an entire page of other projects, ensured that Mint Exteriors were placed above the rest in the market. 

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Often overlooked and under-utilized, proper market research sets the foundations for success throughout any digital marketing campaign. This information is kept confidential.

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Using the industrys best design software and top local talent we were able to use the companies digital assets across all marketing and advertising mediums.

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Optimized SEO Site Structure

Our guaranteed SEO optimized site structure allowed Mint Exteriors to achieve top Google rankings in only 2 months. 

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Custom build advertising strategy and campaign build using Google PPC advertising promoting local services in Vancouver. 

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Photo Editing for Website Design

By editing all photos supplied by Mint Exteriors we were able to enhance to look of the photos and format them correctly for the website design service.