Official Plumbing and Heating - Digital Marketing Case Study

At Get X Media, we proudly talk about and support our clients in every way possible. The following is a case study of our digital marketing services at work. We share these as badges of honour and as thank you to our clients for continuing to support our business and put trust in our digital marketing services.

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"We analyzed over a dozen marketing agencies in Canada and Get X Media offered to go through every proposal that we were pitched, broke it down for us, and built something completely custom that was specific to what our business needed."
Graham Drew
Urban Piping Ltd.

Official Plumbing and Heating Case Study

At Get X Media we pride ourselves on allying with companies who provide solid and effective services to their customers. Though we don’t like to pick favourites, Official Plumbing and Heating is one of our most treasured clients. In addition to being the most meticulous plumbers in the game, they treat their customers with the utmost dignity and respect. It cannot be stressed enough how much clients in Calgary rely on Official Plumbing and Heating for their household needs, and we are proud to have worked with them on this new and exciting online advertising venture!

Initially, Official Heating and Plumbing approached our company for further insights on online advertising services because their previous digital marketing company was not achieving their growth goals. While they maintained a reputation of integrity and excellence within their community and current client base, it was clear that more could be done to amplify Official’s online presence and searchability. This came in the form of creating a detailed and well-researched online advertising campaign that would propel Official’s new customer leads in the direction they were aiming for.

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We accomplished this by introducing a series of Google ad campaigns including call tracking and form tracking. This way, they now have the ability to calculate the return on their investments down to the dollar through our Get X SmartTrack system.

This system is a key element in Get X Media’s program for tracking paid online advertising campaigns and achieving a higher ROI overall. We took the time to carefully research their competitors, ideal keywords, and provide ongoing benchmarks. Once this task was complete Official Plumbing and Heating then had the ability to view the impact of our online advertising services as we worked live. We believe that complete transparency with our clients is the key to customer success. Openness and collaboration are integral in measuring both successful campaigns as well as areas that need to be revised to ensure top returns.

We also completed conversion rate optimization and website design services to enhance the number of leads coming through. Achieving a top rank on Google is no easy task and achieving lead generation is entire different part of the game. This why we initially prioritized thorough digital market research gauging the success and failures in marketing from their current competitors. Using this information, and discovering areas in which we could boldly display their unique value proposition, we were able to fully optimize Official Heating and Plumbing’s online advertising campaign for top conversions.

Because of the competitive nature of digital marketing, our pursuit of top rankings for this quality business didn’t stop there! We were committed to monitoring their advertising over time and adjusting seasonally to ensure the correct services are being targeted. This included building new landing pages for new services and constantly updating relevant terms in their Google Adwords in order to remain up to date. It is our belief that Official Plumbing and Heating is one of the most trusted service providers in Calgary, so we were thrilled to help them achieve maximum ROI.

Official Plumbing and Heating was an excellent company to work with from beginning to end. Through their collaboration and openness to trying new and innovative methods of acquiring advanced advertising optimizations, we were able to complete a program that amplified Official’s online presence in Calgary and the surrounding area. We can’t wait to see how they continue to grow as a company with their new and improved digital presence.

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