Drone Services

Drone Services

Curb appeal has been the pillar of creative marketing and will continue the same trajectory for as long as humanity lasts. Today’s technologies combine raised the bar on curb appeal and present a completely different level of sophistication in digital marketing. The savvy marketer will invest in more than the usual content creation, especially if they anticipate service industries that are heavy on visual appeal. Get X Media knows that the sky is the limit and invests in drone services to achieve bigger dreams.

An overview of our drone services

Drone videography is more popular now than in the past because more people acknowledge its powerful impact on digital marketing. These tiny devices are easy to carry, less expensive than using helicopters, and have a range of varieties for you to find just the right quality at your preferred price. Here is a list of how drone services improve marketing.

How drone services improve marketing

Create beautiful shots

Drones are the best devices when you want to capture a panoramic view without breaking your budget or worse yourself. We do the footwork for you by learning all there is to know about drones, so we are effective with all kinds of videography tasks. Drone videos are the best for social media because people love a great and unique video shot.

We know that you are probably fluent in other ranking algorithms but cannot get the one thing that will make your viewers come back to your page and showcase your talent with their followers. You can use drone services to capture any content, such as the aerial view of a property or travel destination, the background work of a video or celebration, and many more. We can guarantee that high-quality drone videos will perform better than any dry hashtag combination; hence you cannot afford to exclude it from your marketing portfolio.

Create a landing page

A landing page with drone video footage is one of the most enticing pieces to lure more people to your site. These videos capture the audience’s attention and prompt them to check other parts of the website. We do our best to collaborate with you and create a shot that collaborates with your brand so your prospective clients get the feel of your entire brand from the first point of interaction.

Newsletters and ads

You will see video ads every time you open a social media platform like YouTube or Instagram. A drone filming company ensures your recipients have a more informative interaction, whereas they would skip boring content after the first couple of seconds. You can use drone video production to complement your newsletters from time to time and create a powerful write-up that ensures you attract the right traffic and following.

Drone videography and aerial photography applications

Drones are a key element in many different marketing industries. Here are a few that enhance the overall marketing strategy:

  • Real estate
  • Tourism
  • Property development
  • Event marketing

Aerial production services are critical for getting your message across effectively, no matter the size of your budget. Click here to check out the full details of our drone marketing resources and schedule a meeting now with our drone production operators for fast feedback.


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