Marketing Automation Services

Marketing Automation Services

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about “marketing automation?” You think of a complex database that puts your analytics into context. Or you see marketing automation as a way to manage personalize communications, omnichannel marketing campaigns, or launch an account-based marketing strategy. Marketing Automation offers unlimited possibilities to all marketers and business owners. 

Here, we take a brief look at what marketing automation is and how it works. So without wasting much time, let’s begin.

What Exactly Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation involves using software to automate repeated marketing tasks. Marketers or business owners use this software to help automate their marketing processes to generate more leads and convert them to sales.  

Why Does Your Business Need Marketing Automation?

Determining whether you should use marketing automation or not is pretty straightforward. If you want to improve your lead, sales performance, and inbound marketing, then marketing automation might be a good choice for your business. You need automated marketing if:

  • Your website isn’t nurturing visitors.
  • You would like to improve or boost your online sales.
  • Your website doesn’t generate enough leads.
  • You would like to prevent cold call rejections.
  • You would wish to maximize your email marketing list.
  • You spend more time and effort building and updating standard operating procedures.
  • You send each email campaign and response to comments manually. 

How Marketing Automation Works

Every marketers or business owners want to do three things: avoid risk, save time, and earn revenue. Marketing automation helps you achieve all these goals while pleasing your customers and earning more income. Automation makes it possible for marketers to implement a digital marketing strategy without executing each step manually. 

You can implement marketing campaigns through marketing automation software, which allows you to create workflows that press that send button for you. Different types of workflows can be triggered to nurture a lead. You can decide which workflows to automate, depending on whether or not the customer meets specific conditions. 

For instance, when you work with Get X Media, we set up a marketing campaign based on the actions someone took from one email to the next email. This helped ensure continued communication and made it easy to target potential and current customers with the right message based on their workflow.  

Get X Media Provide Marketing Automation Services

While we are all familiar with basic marketing automation tools, Get X Media functions as both a tool and a partner in the marketing automation space. We use a host of automated marketing techniques that affect everything from tracking to reporting and syndication, so you can keep using the marketing tools that fit your business model.

Our systems can integrate with the automation system you already have in place. You’ll be able to lower your personnel costs and raise the quality of work your marketing and sale teams produce. 

Need the help of a marketing automation specialist? Contact Get X Media at 1-587-600-8018 to schedule a consultation.

Marketing Automation Services

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Marketing Automation Services

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