Marketing Materials, Custom Clothing, and Promotional Products

Business cards, brochures, vinyl banners, lawn signs, stickers, custom hats, staff uniforms, and almost anything else your business needs. A complete online printing service with thousands of different marketing materials. Built by business builders for business builders.

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What our Happy Customers Say
Get X Media has been our go-to guys for printing, graphic design, and advertising for the last five years.

I get everything printed through them from business cards, stickers, door hangers, to lawn signs. Corey is always fast, efficient, and has some of the best pricing in the city.

Wouldn't go anywhere else!"
Maher Chehade
South Trail Crossing Barber Shop

Save Up To 15% With Get X Printing Services

Thank you in advance for taking the time to show interest in our commercial printing services. Honestly, we have spent years chasing around wholesale print contracts to allow Get X Media to offer a reliable low-cost printing service for small business owners. Tens of thousands of dollars and many years of our lives have been dedicated to researching and testing products offered by wholesale printers from across Canada so that YOU can save money. Being in the business of marketing and helping business owners succeed, we would much rather you save your money for our marketing services than settling for overpriced printing. We work with franchises, dental offices, realtors, restaurants, small businesses, and entrepreneurs creating custom branded apparel and marketing materials at incredible rates. Looking for staff uniforms, custom t-shirts, custom hoodies, embroidered hats, or pretty much anything else. You can find it here. Using an expansive state-of-the-art facility in Calgary, we supply custom clothing including garments and your choice of decoration; embroidery, silk screening, direct to garment printing, or heat transfer. There are many reasons as to why customers are attracted to Get X Media’s printing services, but let’s start with the basics. Our printing is quick, cost-effective, local, and can work to tight deadlines. If you need to print anything from custom clothing to marketing materials or any kind of promotional products, we’re eager to help create something awesome for your business. Our affordable rates are tailored according to your business’ cost and capital. We want to save you money on printing services so you can use that extra cash to grow your business smarter through our digital marketing services. We are advocates for small business owners.

Think Big, Shop Small, Support Local Business!

The Get X Print Department was originally launched as an internal procurement service for our marketing clients however, the word spread quickly and we found ourselves in need of adding an entirely new department to the company. Every single product we offer goes through extensive sampling, competitor pricing research, and quality testing.
Our products are hand-picked by business builders for business builders and we are constantly expanding our product line offer the most suitable and solutions for any businesses needs. Ask us for anything and we will always do our absolute best to help you in the right direction. At Get X Media, your best interests are at heart. Our team of designers, manufacturers, decorators and print managers are ready to tackle any size job you have in mind. 

Get X Media’s staff are also on hand to respond to any questions that you may have about the printing process. We are here to ensure that your printing experience is comfortable, congenial, and convenient.

As soon as you call us or place an order we are on the clock to make sure your needs are met straight away. We will work with you to ensure that the colors are exactly right for your brand, that the text is centered exactly the way you want it, and that the materials on which you print your content are durable and solid. We are committed to getting you stellar-quality prints of anything you need for your business with no hidden charges or fees while keeping an economical mindset. 

Even if printing your order proves to be difficult, we won’t change any of your designs. Instead, we will work with you to find an alternate method to print it exactly the way you want it to be printed. We will do our best to deliver your orders on time but if there is a delay you will be the first to hear about it we will contact you directly with the information and a timeline for when the problem will be resolved.

The hardware used by our company offers an eclectic range of tones and plans. Our machines help to provide business-grade shading portrayal and replication. These machines will guarantee that your design and shading will be impressive enough to catch the eye and convey your message to its intended target with aplomb. We can also create high-quality designs quickly and easily in order to help you define your company’s aesthetics. Our technology combined with our consummate professionalism allows us to provide a fresh and smart visual display for you and your clients. 

At Get X Media, we know that to choose a printing service is to enter into a partnership. We take this partnership seriously, and we will work consistently and tirelessly to ensure that your needs are met with care and with diligence. We pride ourselves not only on our first-rate printing technology but also on our top-notch customer service which has allowed us to maintain a reputation as a marketing agency whose services are to be reckoned with. We care about helping our clients strengthen their businesses, and quality printing services are just one way to do that.

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Custom Clothing & Staff Uniforms

Get X Media can print slogans and illustrations on a wide variety of clothing from hats to shirts to hoodies. Depending on the requirements of our clients, we can print the same graphics on different colours in a quick and easy fashion. Using a state of art facility located in Calgary, these services can also take the form of embroidery, silk screening, direct-to-garment printing and vinyl transfers. In the past we’ve done staff uniforms, custom t-shirts, custom hoodies, embroidered hats, and a variety of other custom-made clothing to suit the needs of our clients. We also offer competitive rates to small businesses and have respectful small order quantities.

Print Marketing Materials

At Get X Media, we cover both small and large format printing. This can work for vinyl banners as well as large posters and outdoor signage. When it comes to small-face printing we can tailor our services to business cards, door hangers, flyers, stickers, etc. You can choose the type of paper, thickness, and quality of product you would like to match your budget and we will help you through that process. Our team uses creativity in our designs, which we can tailor according to your business’ needs offering a completely done for you service delivered right to your door.

Promotional Products

We offer a diverse selection of promotional products to help you sell your business to potential clients. These include tote bags, lanyards, patches, pens, phone sockets, and bandannas. These are fine items to have at any event where you will be given the opportunity to advocate for your business’ services to any prospective clients. We are always adding new products to our repertoire and we are constantly coming up with innovative tools for you to make your business stand out in the competitive and ever-changing landscape of the free market.

Registered Canada Post Direct Mail Advertising Partners

Looking to connect with small and medium-sized businesses or blanket a local neighbourhood with flyers in their mailboxes? At Get X Media we've partnered with Canada Post to bring you the most seamless direct mail marketing experience possible.

Our Partnership: Through this partnership, we are privy to Canada Post’s online directory which helps us discover the ideal locations for reaching your clientele through location direct mail marketing campaigns. We also use this method to see all of the different types of services and businesses located in your area.

Pricing: Canada Post offers economical mailing rates for a variety of different campaign options and we’ll work with you to ensure you are getting the most out of your unique campaign and budget. We offer the service at the same price as Canada Post with a small setup fee to build the campaign for you.

Marketing Materials, Custom Clothing, and Promotional Products

Take a minute and download our print services catalogue.  There is absolutely no obligation to you, it’s free, and there is some valuable information in here that will help you decide what to order.

Download Instant Catalogue Products & Pricing

A Print Catalogue will be delivered to your email in minutes including products, decoration options, pictures and pricing.


What Business Owners Say About Our SEO Services

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“I have been using Get X Media for all my company’s needs for over 7 years. We we’re looking for a company that could deliver. Not only on a website redesign but on search engine optimization to get us to #1 on Google.

We analyzed over a dozen marketing agencies in Canada and Corey offered to go through every proposal that we were pitched, broke it down for us, and built something completely custom that was specific to what we wanted. Corey delivered!

We now hold over 27 keywords on the front page of Google and over 10 of them are #1.”

Graham Drew,
Urban Piping Ltd, Canadian Leaders in Poly B Replacement
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“Finding the right digital designer for our small natural foods business in Calgary was not an easy task. After three unsuccessful trials with local designers, Corey’s name from Get X Media came highly recommended by one of our mentors.

We crossed our fingers and called him. My partner and I quickly realized after one meeting we had the right guy for the job. Corey has proven he is a seasoned designer with lots of patience listening to our vision.

He got to work immediately and we’re very proud and happy with the end result! Get X Media fulfilled the contract days ahead of the schedule. Corey is our go to guy! We strongly recommend him to anyone looking for website design.”

Kris & Gis,
Almondine Foods, Calgary KETO Foods Company
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“I have known Corey for over 15 years and was one of his first clients at Get X Media back in 2006. He has worked with me from the day we started our business and I wouldn’t change a thing.

His drive for delivering what people ask for is unmatched. When we needed a website, he was there. When we needed marketing, he was there. When we needed staff uniforms, business cards, and marketing materials, he expanded his company into a full service print shop and was there again. Keep up the great work Corey, I am happy we have you with us.”

Jorden McCullough,
Ampt Over Electric, Top Rated Calgary Electricians
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“I have never seen anything like what Get X Media has built for us. We have the best looking website in our industry hands down and it’s thanks to Corey’s expertise. I was impressed by how much research and planning Corey had put into our website design based off the small amount of information we gave to him to start. It goes to show how much he knows what he is doing. He took the time to understand where we wanted to take our business. I would recommend him to anyone.”
Matt Neuberger, Ottawa
Booth Right, Automotive and Industrial Paint Booth Installation Company