A- Frame Sign

Bring your business to the streets.
Let’s get a show stopper right outside your door to help draw in some business. Being very easy to set up, take down, and move around these signs will make advertising dead simple. Having a sign outside of your business can draw in new customers, showcase a new promotion, or let them know what daily specials you are offering.

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Marketing Materials: Design File Preparation

All artwork must be supplied in print-ready PDF format files including a 1/8″ bleed. We will check your files prior to printing.

How to Advertise your A-Frame Sign

A- Frame Signs, also known as a sandwich board, let your customers know what’s going on inside your store or restaurant. Whether you are having a big promotion, a daily special, or a big event these sidewalk signs are an easy way to spread the word.

A-Frame Sign Set Up

At Get X Media we have made the setup process very simple and straightforward. If you do not have a sign mockup done up, our team of designers can work with you to create one custom for you and your brand. Once a design has been approved it is headed to the print shop and will be delivered to you.


Yes, it is an old-fashioned means of advertising that has proven to be very effective even in this day and age.
A foldable sign that is used outside of your place of business to share some useful information about your business.
If you have the information you want to share with new customers, old customers, or people passing by an a-frame sign is an easy way to do so. Being easy to bring in and out of the store, easy to change up, and durable, these signs are made to last.