Lanyards are used by everyone, so they will be seen by everyone. Whether your target market is a younger or older crowd; lanyards can be used by them all.

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Marketing Materials: Design File Preparation

All artwork must be supplied in Vector format files. We will check your files prior to printing.

How to Advertise your Business with Lanyards

Lanyards make life a lot easier. Keeping your keys all in one place. People bring their keys almost everywhere they go, so why not take advantage of this opportunity to advertise your brand. Get more eyes on your brand.

Custom Lanyards Set Up

At Get X Media we have made the setup process very simple and straightforward. If you do not have a logo or design done up, our team of designers can work with you to create one custom for you and your brand. Once a design has been approved it is headed to the print shop and will be delivered to you.


Since most people take their keys everywhere they go, a lanyard is a smart way to get some brand recognition. If you put a brand or a logo on anything it simply does the advertising for you.
There are many ways to wear a lanyard, some people wear their around their neck and some have it dangling out their pocket.
For the business world, lanyards are used for ID’s. Allowing for people to see their employee card and having quick access to their employee badge. For everyday use, they are still very popular as lanyards keep your keys all together and allow them to stand out when looking for them.