Pop Sockets

The average person checks their phone 96 times a day. Putting your brand on the one thing that people bring everywhere means your brand will be seen repetitively.

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Marketing Materials: Design File Preparation

All artwork must be supplied in Vector format files. We will check your files prior to printing.

How to Advertise with Popsockets

Popsockets are an easy way to advertise for your business as almost every single person has a cell phone these days. Putting a popsocket on your phone is a very very simple, you just need to peel off the sticker and pop it on the back of your phone.

Custom Popsocket Set Up

At Get X Media we have made the setup process very simple and straightforward. If you do not have a logo or design done up, our team of designers can work with you to create one custom for you and your brand. Once a design has been approved it is headed to the print shop and will be delivered to you


Popsockets have many different purposes, one being that it gives you a much better grip when holding your phone. Popsockets also work as a kickstand for your phone, so watching videos on your phone is a breeze.
It really depends on you. We recommend holding your phone as you normally would, and stick it between your ring and middle finger.
Yes, they are. People love things that make their life easier. Popsockets help people hold their phone and even take better selfies. Since it does not ruin their case, it’s an easy way to add a little bit of personality or branding to their mobile device.