USB Drive

A USB drive is a perfect, simple way to help promote your business. With everything being digital these days, it is a walking advertisement for all your customers to store their videos, pictures, and/or files.

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Marketing Materials: Design File Preparation

All artwork must be supplied in Vector format files. We will check your files prior to printing

How to Advertise with a USB Drive

USB Drives have become very popular as a promotional product, a lot of companies use USB drives as giveaways. Custom USB drives are an excellent way to have your brand seen by many people. Since most people use USB drives for presentations at school or presentations at work, it is a simple way to get some extra exposure for your business.

USB Drive Setup

At Get X Media we have made the setup process very simple and straightforward. If you do not have a logo or design done up, our team of designers can work with you to create one custom for you and your brand. Once a design has been approved it is headed to the print shop and will be delivered to you.


A lot of our customers use USB drives to free up storage on their computer, aswell it makes doing things such as presentations a little easier. The main purpose of a USB drive is to store photos and important documents on a backup drive, to ensure that if anything goes wrong with your computer that the files are protected.Here
People love USB drives. It’s an easy way to get people to show your brand at school, work, or at their next presentation. Giving away USB drives means that a lot more people will see your brand out and about.
We started our order quantities at 50 because it is the best bang for your buck, the more you buy the cheaper it gets