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Corey Hayes
CEO & Head of Growth

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Our Vision

Think Big, Shop Small, Support Local Small Business
At Get X Media, we are problems solvers. We see a world over flowing with struggling and good hearted business builders trying to achieve something bigger than themselves. Our vision is to serve these business builders through a flawless strategy and systematic approach that consistently delivers, grows, and expands our clients business regardless of the industry.

Our Mission

Our mission at Get X Media is to reduce the failure rate of businesses.

Too many business owners close their doors for reasons that are not necessary. With 50% of businesses failing in the first year there is clearly a problem that needs to be addressed. We are relentless in tackling this problem head on. Through educational resources, consulting, coaching, and digital marketing services, we can educate, inspire, and construct a better platform in which businesses can use to flourish their ideas into the empires envisioned in their minds.

COVID-19 rendered a whopping 31% of businesses non operational. On top of that, when we judge the following statistics we begin to see a very troubling trend coming our way over the next decade. Make no mistake, this is a timely mission and requires immediate action.


Join some of the most talented digital marketing experts in the country and help us on our mission.

Get X Media is growing! We are always looking for new talent to bring on board our team if it means delivery bettering services for our clients.

Currently we are looking for professionals with the following experience. Please send your resume and information to [email protected]

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Meet Your Team of Digital Marketing Warriors

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CEO & Head of Growth
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A simple set of rules that drive our company forward.

The Get X Customer Code

Earn attention, don’t steal it.

We are firm believers in showing through our actions instead of simply telling. We prefer to create original and valuable content. This allows us to build brand, trust, authority and attract highly qualified customers. 

Ask for feedback, and act on it.

Our digital marketing customers are the reason we are in business. If we don’t serve them and learn from them we are setting ourselves up for failure. Your feedback is always taken seriously. We need it in order to be successful and we must act on it to grow.

Get paid, not played.

Nobody likes a surprise bill. Having up front pricing and communication about any possibilities that may arise is the only way to run a business. Save the surprises for birthday parties! 

Treat people like people, not numbers.

Every customer is different. This goes for you and for us. We always approach our clients with a “Blank Slate” attitude so we can create fresh new ideas that solve problems in their specific business. With digital marketing, we prefer to work in depth and build strong relationships rather than get as many clients as possible like many other agencies.

Communicate honestly.

Constant communication is key even if it is the small things. We always keep our communication channels open and we pride ourselves on sharing as much of our digital marketing and business knowledge as possible. We built our Get X WorkSmart program to address this which provides instant updates as work is being completed.

Do the right thing, even when its hard.

In digital marketing and for most things in life, sometimes the right thing to do is not always the easiest. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship and do not take shortcuts! The choices we make today effect us in the long run. This could not be more accurate when it comes to digital marketing. 

Solve for your success, not our systems.

We are here to help business owners succeed in the digital marketing world. In order to do the right things for your business, sometimes we have to change the way ours operates. Instead of “No”, we ask ourselves “How Can We?”.

Own the screw-ups.

Sh*t happens sometimes, the only way we can learn from it is to face it head on. We are not afraid to admit when we are wrong or if we have made a mistake and this is part of 100% transparent services. Taking ownership of a problem allows us to learn from it, correct it, and build better solutions for our customers.

Don’t block the exit.

Businesses change and so do people. This is why we have systems in place. In the event you decide to switch to a different digital marketing company, cancel or move your services away from us we will help you every step of the way. We do not refuse to provide you with your data, it is transparent between us and belongs to you.

More Than Just A Marketing Agency

The Get X Philanthropy Fund

Clothing Donations - Community Support Program

Operating a custom clothing service such as ours, we tend to end up with a lot of extra clothing from misprints and unused blank samples. Whenever we have any garments leftover including jackets, t-shirts, sweaters, hats and so forth, we donate all of them to the Calgary community to help those in need.

It’s Okay Canada - Mental Health Awareness

When we first met Danny Legresley, he was on a mission to bring as much awareness to mental health in the community as possible. He couldn’t have started at a better time. As soon a COVID-19 hit, the reality of stresses and mental health became apparent to many people. 100% of the proceeds from his t-shirt sales for “It’s Okay Not To Be Okay” go directly towards local mental health initiatives. We have partnered with Danny not only to ensure the printing of his apparel gets done at an exceptional rates but we have stepped in to take care of all designing and website development for his e-commerce venture absolutely free of charge.

Business Development Friday - Mentorship Program

Being a grass roots built from the ground up business ourselves and working relentlessly with business owners, we understand the challenges that many businesses face as they grow. The Get X Business Development Friday initiative is a newsletter built for the sole purpose of overcoming these challenges and growing businesses smarter. We bring together our marketing expertise as well as the experience from local businesses owners to help business builders through knowledge at absolutely no cost.

Small Business Saturday - Support Local Program

The Get X Small Business Saturday initiative was built to create awareness around the concept of “Think Big, Shop Small”. Our aim is to educate the community as to why it is important to support local business and highlight successful small businesses in the community that stand out to us no matter what industry they may reside in.